Silver & Gold Prices

2020 American Silver Eagle

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Did you know that we buy scrap gold and scrap platinum plus all types of sterling silver? Give us a try on your next scrap lot.
Buying Silver Scrap  
PM-Private Mint: Spot x .79/oz (79.5% for 500+oz)
Flatware Spot x .78/oz. (79.5% for 500+oz).
Holloware Spot x .77/oz.
Jewelry (stamped only, not tangled) Spot x .71/oz.
Coin Silver Flatware Spot x .73/oz.
Large Sterling Knife* Spot x .925 x .37
Small Sterling Knife* Spot x .925 x .15
Buying Gold Scrap  
8 karat Spot x .0139/ dwt
10 karat Spot x .0177/ dwt
14 karat Spot x .0253/ dwt
16 karat Spot x .0328/ dwt
18 karat Spot x .0332/ dwt
21 karat Spot x .0400/ dwt
22 karat Spot x .0417/ dwt
24 karat Spot x .0461/ dwt
Buying Platinum Scrap  
Platinum Scrap Spot x .0315

All gold must be accurately separated by karat with stones removed. Rates above apply to 40 dwt minimums, but you can mix and match different karats to reach 40 dwt.

Prices are based on 31.1 Grams to a Troy Ounce.

A History Moment:

Eureka 47-79 Corp, is honoring the Gold mining history of Nevada County and Sierra County areas. As renovations finish up a reopening is scheduled for late 2020 in Nevada City, CA The National Exchange Hotel.

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